What my clients say-

Brenda was my daughter’s bassoon teacher after deciding her previous teacher had lost his desire to progress with my daughter’s playing. Brenda was energetic, knowledgeable, talented, eager to teach, and really wanted to see my daughter improve as a bassoonist. She brought her to a level 6 from a 4, helped her get good scores in NYSSMA, and gave her valuable lessons she brought with her once we had to move from the area. Brenda is a great choice for a teacher, I recommend her highly.

Vicky Sailer (Bassoon Lessons)


Brenda is an excellent teacher. She has been very accommodating with lesson days and times, especially when extra attention is needed for NYSSMA or other music performances. She wants the best out of her students and shows enthusiasm with their success. Brenda’s knowledge of the bassoon is extensive and helpful to me. Overall Brenda is awesome.

Shannon C. (Bassoon Lessons)


Brenda is an excellent player and teacher. I took a couple of lessons with her before she left Winston Salem, and she guest taught one of my students. To this day, I still remind my student of the tips Brenda gave to both of us. As a fellow performer, we have played in Quintets and Orchestra together many times, and she’s always very solid and always about making it better each time we play, no matter how good it was before. Her ideas were always thoughtful and worked out well! Wonderful teacher and colleague!

Ronnal Ford (Bassoon Lessons)