Using the Internet as a Practice Tool

Using the Internet as a Practice Tool

Using the Internet as a Practice Tool


In my lessons with students, I’ve found that they usually have a lot of questions they’ve run across during the week that they’ll save for lesson time. Many of these questions are unnecessary and encroach upon normal practice time.  While, I always encourage my students to call me if they have any questions about what they should be doing during the week, problems with reeds, questions about sheet music, fingerings, etc., more often then not they’ll use it as an excuse to avoid practicing that week.

With the advent of the internet in your pocket, there’s absolutely no excuse now to remain in the dark about your questions.  The internet can answer nearly any query you throw it’s way, and if you’re not interested in using a search engine, you may find the links below helpful.

Bassoon Fingering ChartsClarinet Fingering Charts– Both of these links contain numerous types of fingerings for trills, fakes, alternates, multiphonics, etc.

Resource societies for Bassoon, Piano,  and Clarinet are invaluable.  Some may charge membership fees, but are amazing resources for instrument specific news, events, publications, and competitions.

Many of us struggle with the basics of music theory, and there are a number of programs out there for iPad and iPhone which are great, but if you’re interested in a free site that allows you to not only learn the basics of theory, but also create your own practice tests, then head over to Ricci Adams’ site.

Have you found an unrecognizable word on your sheet music and want a definition?  Click on over to Naxos website to get it sorted out.

Of course, you can’t beat the wealth of media out there for even the most obscure pieces on sites like YouTube, and services such as Spotify. Any exposure to a different interpretation of a piece is invaluable to the decisions the student will make themselves.

While the list is not comprehensive, it’s a place to start. Now, get off the internet and get back to practicing!

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