In addition to normal music lessons and extensions, BBRmusic offers opportunities most other studios do not.

Mentorship– More advanced students are offered the chance to mentor younger students willing to have the help. Mentoring not only builds confidence in advanced students, but it also reaffirms the learning process in a way only peer guidance can.
Professional Audition Tapes– Any student applying to college or a festival requiring an audition tape will have to opportunity to experience the process of recording their tape professionally. BBRmusic uses AKG microphones and will teach the student how to set-up, mix and edit their recordings.
Festivals– These can always be found on the Events page, and are an important part to diversifying your playing techniques and musical awareness.
Subbing– For advanced students, usually. Scheduling conflicts do occur, and when they do a substitute must be acquired for ensembles. I have been known to ask students to fill in for me during rehearsals.