á la Carte Extensions

In addition to regular music lessons at BBRmusic, students are also able to enjoy additional experiences associated with a well-rounded musical background.

These experiences include workshops, ensembles, field trips, competitions and performances.

Currently BBRmusic is offering-

Twice Monthly we convene to discuss tips and tricks to making your practice sessions at home efficient and effective. How to correctly use your metronome and tuner without making yourself crazy. How your “home studio” affects how you practice.
Every other week is the ever popular reed class. Whether you need help with getting your store bought reeds to play, or you’re interested in making your own, you’ll find reed class to be an invaluable tool to your bassooning arsenal.
Learning to play in small autonomous groups is not only rewarding as an experience, but valuable to learning how to pay attention to your musical surroundings. Students here will be grouped based on ability and expected to practice together on their own time.
How to properly care for your instrument and what to do with something goes wrong! Session given twice a year only and not applicable to piano students.