Bassoon Tools Explained: Part 2 Making Blanks

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving! I'm back again to explain the next set of tools a bassoonist should have. At this stage you'll need to have all the tools for maintaining and finishing your reeds as well as these. You'll only need these tools if you're buying your cane already shaped and profiled. If you have a shaper, you can buy pre-profiled and unshaped cane, but I prefer to shape my cane BEFORE it's profiled as there's less of a chance of ruining the shape. Read more [...] Read More

Bassoon Tools Explained: Part 1

Many of my bassoon students who are starting out need guidance on what type of bassoon tools they should buy, and when it's appropriate for them to buy them. I think it's easiest to think of augmenting your bassoon tools in three stages. 1. Reed maintenance and finishing. 2. Blank Making. Read more [...] Read More